Walk Leading?

All our walk leaders are members who have sufficient experience and confidence to lead the type of walks they help with.
They offer one or more walks in each 4 month period for one or more groups.
Most leaders have a type(s) of walk they prefer to lead whether simple easy walks or up to serious hill walking.
Most groups also tend to have some pattern and a range of type of walks.
There is always scope for members to become leaders.
Without in influx of leaders, availability of walks would decay over time as people move on.

Most members could lead walks.
It mainly just requires a bit of confidence, commonsense and a means of finding walks.
You gain satisfaction from leading and develop your navigation skills.
So if you fancy leading a walk, get in touch with either the through the form below, or the walk coordinator in the group with which you are connected.
Just as you can join any rambler walk in the UK and abroad, you can lead walks for any groups, not just the one you are linked to.
Many leaders run walks for a number of groups.

There is lots of help available to get going or ongoing.
- Other leaders will happily support you on your first walks.
- we can help find walks to lead. (some elsewhere on the menu above)
- there is even an interactive map of places to start walks from in the menus above.
- we can come recce a walk with you ( and if needed, can help strengthen your navigation skills.)
- there is a host of quidance on the Rambler web site. (see the submenus under this menu)
- there are also training course sometimes.
- in the very rare case of some incident, you are covered by Rambler insurance. 
  (all walks that are publicised and led by a member are insured)

- occassionally life will stop you leading your walk. in those cases contact your coordinator in the group OR Area and they will endeavour to find a replacement leader.

What would be your commitment?
- leaders book walks between 2 months and 6 months ahead of the walk.
  (programmes are sent out one month before the period and walks have to be submitted in the previous month)
- while it's wise to check a walk before submitting it, well defined walks could be checked out nearer the time.
  (we always try and start walks from the location and time in the programme. The content of the walk can change.)
- it's expected that you wil check or double check the walk within a month of the walk (in case of changes)
- the top goal is to provide a safe walk and hopefully one with some interesting aspects.
- a "safe" walk is firstly defined appropriately so that people are clear what is involved.
  taking care that the groups walks at the speed of the slowest, allow walkers to catch up and have a break.
  take care at known risk point, e.g. crossing a style onto a busy road.
- walks starting in early afternoon normally have a "coffe break" about half way around.
- walks starting in the moring will include a lunch break and probably other pauses.
- typically walks proceed at an overall speed of 2 miles/hour. Afternoon walks a bit less as there is no lunch break.

Do note that most groups will be happy to add social events to the programme if you wish to suggest some.

If you want to consider leading please contact us (form below) and/or have a look at the other information sources in the submenus above.

There is no obligation in completing this form. It will simply put you in touch with someone to chat to about possibly leading walks


Thursday, December 13, 2018