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Late Walk Changes

We offer a simple means of advising you by text messages of Late Changes, primarily to walks and, rarely, other urgent communications.

Occassionally the details of a walk change at the last minute.
This might be due to weather conditions or a problem with the path or the availability of the leader.

Every effort is made to maintain the walk or at least start a similar walk from the same location.
However, in the event of a change, commonly an email will be sent but not everyone receives emails and not necessarily promptly.

So we also have a  system to send you a text message, even very close to the date of the walk.

To make use of this system, all you need to do is Register by sending a text (ML) to this number.

07562 356985
If you forget that it needs to receive   ML  it will seek confirmation that you intended to register.

This first text you send will come off your normal text plan. 
You will receive a confirmation text with some help information.
Any subsequent walk change will be sent to you free of charge.

In addition to being automatically sent late changes, you can also do these actions:-
- Send any text to the number above and it will reply with a list of any current changes.
- Send     ?     to the number and it will remind you of the optons available.
- Send     #     followed by any text will send that text to the Mid Lancs officer supervising the system.
- Send       STOP    and your number will be removed from the system.
Note: each of these options will be under your normal text plan.

Data Protection
By registering with this system you are agreeing to be sent text messages as defined above.
Your mobile number is held in a secure device and not passed to any other organisation.
Your number is not connected with other information so we do NOT know who you are or any other information about you.
If you send   STOP   at any time, your number is deleted from the list. 

Text Service

Later Changes to walks may be shown HERE  but the most reliable way to hear of changes is to Register with the simple Text Service.
Click HERE to see full information about this.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018