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Record of Changes to the site

The site is frequently updated to add new features or improve existing ones.
It's worth visiting on-going to see what may be new and interesting.
This article will list most of the changes as they arise.

Early Nov 18
Added another 11 walk descriptions. Walk Descriptions


Mid Oct 18
Added Map of all the GPX and Walk Description tracks in the Walks/GPX/Mapping menu.
       Map of GPX paths.  (Click "Description for quickest view)
Link to new South Ribble website. Ribble Website
 Added a Gallery to the Menu Gallery
nd popup galleries on the Home page.

End Sept.
Significant changes to the home page.
New content for new walkers. Joining a Walk?
Notes on leading walks. Walk Leading?
Notice of the Member's Day/AGM  Member's Day 26th Jan 2019
Notice of a Promotional Event. Promotional Event in Preston
Registration for a workshop at the Member's Day.   Registration 

Mid Sept 18
Added a menu item to show Late Changes to Walks. - Late Changes to Walks
Replaced the Home page to include a slideshow and easier quick links
Added a gallery item . - Gallery 


The new login is only for web master use.

Early Sept 18
Added information on the next Member's Day/AGM - Member's Day 26th Jan 2019
Added registration for the workshop at the Member's Day - Registration

Mid Aug 18
Now 470 GPX tracks   -  GPX Collection
Added a "NEXT" section to show next few walks and quick links in form suited for Mobile phones. - ... Next Walks
Added Map of starting points used by Ramblers. (In Walks/GPS main menu) - Click HERE   
Added ability to plot own GPX or Manually create a Plot. (under test) - Click HERE 
Restoring Home page to be suited for Computers and Tablets.

End April
Added 3 variations of Much Hooole/Ribble walks

MID Added Map of starting points used by Ramblers. (In Walks/GPS main menu)APRIL
Added major Kinder Scout walks (3 off)

End March
Added 290 GPX tracks in "GPX Collection" covering Lancashire & Cumbria and some information in "Using GPX's" on how to use them.
The list of GPX tracks is also provided as an interactive PDF. 

Late March
Three walks added, Abbey Circular, Abbeystead, Brindle
Now includes a Section of GPX's only. At this moment this is being developed but within days should have a large number of GPX tracks around the country.
Have added a form to upload your walk descriptions or GX tracks.

Mid March
The walk descriptions now let you click on the little map to have google show the route in an interactive map.
The Walk Programme menus extended to include a "Which Menu to Use", Current and Next Walk PDF's, Archived Walk PDF's.
The changes are intended to make it easier to find a format that suits you and for leaders to use previous walks as ideas for the future.
Some improvements to the way various items open, e.g. in a separate page.

Six new walks added, Croston, Hoghton, Mere Sands, Bretherton RIver, heath Charnock, Turton to Jumbles.

Early Feb
Merged Contacts and Feedback
Added various minutes, annual and footpath reports.
Fixed the weaather to Preston
Added the text service info.

Late Jan
Re-arranged some areas and added some walks descriptions.

Mid Jan 2017
This site has gone live in mid Jan 2017 in a basic form and will be extended significantly.
Features to note:-

1. Walk programme features
"Our Next Walks" - the most immediate walks shown to the left.
"Walks Programme" sub menu - a full list of future walks. Click on an entry to access the details
"Map of Future Walks" sub menu - Interactive map of walks.
2. "Rambler Group Pages" give access the the individual pages on the Rambler web site.
3. "Other Group Links" - table of web sites, facebook pages or "meet up" sites for each group.
4. "Walk Descriptions" - will be a growing list of descriptions of walks, mainly in the area.
     Also how to obtain and use mapping/gps systems
5. Footpath Matters
    News about Area footpath issues.
6. "Contacts" - current officers of area.
7, Feedback - mention items to add to the site.

Keep checking back here to see new features.

Text Service

Later Changes to walks may be shown HERE  but the most reliable way to hear of changes is to Register with the simple Text Service.
Click HERE to see full information about this.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018